10-Step Ordering Process

Step 1: Contact me and we will have a discussion about the bike you want. We’ll discuss the type of riding you plan to do and how you want to use the bike.

Step 2: Based on our discussion, I will provide you with a detailed quote. My preference is to build your frame and install all of your components…delivering to you a complete ready-to-ride bicycle.

Step 3: Once you agree with the quote I will request a $500 deposit and add you to my build queue.

Step 4: One of the most important steps in the design process is the fitting. If you are nearby, I’ll do the fit for you at my shop. If you aren’t nearby (maybe you’re halfway around the world) you can make arrangements to get a fit at your local shop. The last fit option is for you and a partner to perform the fit at home. I can send you a fit form and instructions about how to perform the fit measurements. I only recommend this option if the first two options aren’t possible.

Step 5: Another set of measurements I like to have are from your current bike. These measurements will help us dial in the things you like and don’t like about your current position on the bike.

Step 6: After I have all of your fit and bike metrics, I will create a BikeCAD drawing for your new design. This BikeCAD program will provide not only the frame design but also all of your positional settings for the saddle and handlebars. This is also a good time to consider your paint options and finalize your component choices.

Step 7: I will order your tubing and other parts needed for your frame.  After receiving everything…the magic begins! I’ll cut, miter and braze your tubes into a complete frame based on your BikeCAD drawing. Once your frame is completed I will request a $1000 deposit.

Step 8: Your frame will be sent to the painter, painted and returned to me. While it’s at the painter I’ll order your parts and prepare them for installation on your new frame. When you purchase your frame, fork, and components from me, I include a complete build as part of the total price.

Step 9: When your bike is completed, I’ll request the final payment balance and prepare your bike for delivery. If you are near me, we will arrange a time to meet for you to pick up your new bike. If you aren’t nearby I’ll arrange to have your bike delivered to you.

Step 10: Ride and enjoy your new bike!

Indigo Custom Bikes